One Neon summer moon night

The cool breeze was a relief
From the hot summer day.
The neon moon came up.
My buddies and I heard of a party
Down the road.
We stopped at red neon lettered store and got
Some beer. Then my buddies started talking
About some mundane stuff. I sat
On the pew outside holding the six pack.
I was getting sleepy from their conversation.
” Come on, we got to go.” said I.
‘Shut up! We are talking grown up stuff here.”
Said one of my buddies.
I was about to sleep,
When one of my buddies shook me up.
“Let’s go,” said he.
I heard the frogs and kingfishers nearby.
Men and women inside the ranch house.
Booze all around.
I connected with a pretty gal
And we played some card game.
Before I knew it, my buddies wanted to go.
” But I didn’t get her name.”
One of my buddies knew her and said she was so- and so.
Yet, no numbers exchanged, so much a hurry my buddies left.


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