Monthly Archives: May 2017

One Neon summer moon night

The cool breeze was a relief
From the hot summer day.
The neon moon came up.
My buddies and I heard of a party
Down the road.
We stopped at red neon lettered store and got
Some beer. Then my buddies started talking
About some mundane stuff. I sat
On the pew outside holding the six pack.
I was getting sleepy from their conversation.
” Come on, we got to go.” said I.
‘Shut up! We are talking grown up stuff here.”
Said one of my buddies.
I was about to sleep,
When one of my buddies shook me up.
“Let’s go,” said he.
I heard the frogs and kingfishers nearby.
Men and women inside the ranch house.
Booze all around.
I connected with a pretty gal
And we played some card game.
Before I knew it, my buddies wanted to go.
” But I didn’t get her name.”
One of my buddies knew her and said she was so- and so.
Yet, no numbers exchanged, so much a hurry my buddies left.


Stop Moving

When my daughter was little,
She would come up to me
With brush and hair tie.
“Braid my hair, Daddy,”
She would say.
Then, she would look at me
With adoring eyes
While I brush her hair
And part it three ways.
Then, I would start to braid.
She would move her head
To get a better view of me
With adoring eyes.
“Stop moving around,”
I would say.
Finally, my then wife took over
Braiding her hair.
As I watched her grow up,
Sometimes I would be tempted
To say, “Stop moving.”