The Last Emperor of Korea

Sujong was second and last emperor of Korea. He was born on 1874. He was fourth son of Emperor Gojong. He was of the Yi Dynasty.
In 1882, he married Crown Princess Min, who had Chinese ties. His father established the empire in 1897. Then, Gojong was deposed by Japanese in 1907.Also in 1907 was the Russo-Japanese War.Sujong took over as Emperor soon afterwards. He signed the Japanese Korean Treaty in that same year. This allowed Japanese ministers to supervise Korean affairs. Queen Min will not have any of this and she divorced from Sujong. The Korean Army was dismissed in 1909.Queen Min brought in Chinese advisors. Japan planned to annex Korea. Japan and Russia negotiated over Manchuria and Korea. China had last emperor of China. Ito, the Japanese negotiator was assassinated by Korean activists in Harbin, Manchuria. This made Japan put in an occupational force in Korea. The Japan-Korea Treaty of 1910 allowed Japan to take over Korea, the Emperor resigned. He and his second wife, Empress Sunjeong, lived rest of their lives in prison in Leabil, Korea. His father died in 1919, which sent off a Korean student rebellion. Japanese eased off some its control in Korea.Sujong and his two wives (not Min among them) were in the prison island until his death in 1926, which started another Korean rebellion that Japanese put down. Japanese controlled Korea until 1945.


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