George Berkeley

George Berkeley was born in Ireland in 1685.mHe died in Oxford, England in 1753.
He graduated from Trinity College and stayed as Greek lecturer and tutor.
His first book was on mathematics.
His second book was An Essay toward New Theory of Vision was controversial theory on optics.
His next book was A Treatise Concerning Principles of Human Knowledge, which was the beginning of his philosophy. He wrote that nothing exists out of the mind. Our world depend on our perceptions. Of course he met ridicule over it. The old saw, “If a tree falls and no one hears, does it make a sound?” He would answer, ” No.”
He went to England in 1714. From there he took tours around Europe. In England, he earned a Doctorate of Divinity degree. He returned to Ireland and Trinity College in Dublin. There, he taught divinity and Hebrew.
In 1721, he was madeDean. Esther Vanhornrigh declared him heir of her fortunes, though neither had met each other. It was through dealings with her estate, he met Jonathan Swift, a friend of hers. They became close friends in 1725. Berkely used the money from the estate and went to Bermuda. There, he founded a college for the Native Americans. It was also training for ministers and missionaries. That same year, he married Anne Foster. Then, he went on to Newport, Rhode Island. He bought with him John Similient, America’s first portrait artist.
He ran out funds in 1732 and returned to London. There he created The Foundlings, a hospital for homeless children.
In 1734, he became Bishop of Cloyne, Ireland. There, he wrote many uses of pine tar, including as a panacea for many diseases.
He saw everything as spirit. The spirit produce and perceives ideas. God is immediate cause of All. He died in 1753.


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