Admiral Yi

He born in 1545, Seoul, Korea and grew in Assan, where there is a shrine to him now. He made his own bow and arrow when he was 12.
He failed military exams by breaking a leg during a cavalry exam. Yi re-entered and passed. H, soon, had to leave the army for three years after his father’s death. He was accused of desertion after he returned. Stripped of rank, tortured, and imprisoned for a year. He was released and return to the army. Both Manchuria and Japan invaded Korea in 1590.
Yi looked at old scrolls and saw an armored ship that was built in 1413 and abandoned in 1415. He decided to revive it with some modifications. It had 5 different cannons, including one at the bow. It shot out through the wooden dragonhead mast. Sometimes the dragon head was used to shoot fire and smoke. Iron spikes covered hexagonal plates on the deck.Cannons can shoot 300-500 meters away. The ship was 100 feet long. It had 10moars, 11 cannons on each side, a cannon on stern and also at the bow.50-60 mariners and 70 sailors. He was able to build five of these ships, before the government cut him off of funds, because they wanted to build more cannons. He became admiral after his battle against Japan in Imjin War. He was on par with British Admiral Nelson. He was admired by the Japanese admirals. In Battle of Myeogyang, he was outnumber 133 to 13 by the Japanese. He sunk all the Japanese ships, except for about 30. None of his ships went down. He had his 5 Turtle Ships, the armored ships were called.
Despite his victory, his enemies accused him of insubordination and treachery. in 1597. He was imprisoned for a year.
Yi got his rank back to fight Japanese on land this time at Battle of Moryang. He died of leg wound infection, but won the battle in 1598.


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