Alessandro Cagliostro

He was born Giuseppe Balsamo in Sicily in 1743. He became known as Joseph Balsamo. He studied the occult, alchemy, and magick. He was Jewish and his father took him to Catholic Order of St. John. There, he was expelled. He learned the Kabbalah. He created a Tarot deck. He escaped some troubles to Switzerland.

He had solid education, despite coming from a poor Jewish family. He learned Chemistry, among other things.

Balsamo convinced Vincezo Marano that there was gold in a cave in Mount Pellegino. He asked for 70 pieces of silver and he said he could get rid of the magical creatures that guard the cave. In the cave, Balsamo attacked Marano, who was convinced he was attacked by jinn.

Balsamo taught himself pharmacy. He became Secretary to Cardinal Orsini, while selling “magical Egyptian” amulets on the side.

He married Sarafina in 1768. He met with forger Aglati, who taught him how to forge letters, diplomas, and other official documents.

Balsamo met the famous Comte Saint Germain. He became physician to Ben Franklin, while he was in Paris. He became a Mason in 1776 in England. In 19781, he became member of Egyptian Freemasonry and then a leader. He convinced the Queen Marie Antoinette to deliver a diamond necklace to Prince Rohan. He had stole the diamond necklace. He was caught and stayed in Bastille for 9 months. He left for Switzerland. In Rome, he was charged to be a member of Freemasons, which was a serious charge at the time. He escaped to Ft. Leo where he died. Before his death, he met Casanova. He used stolen money to start maternity hospitals and orphanges. He helped the poor. The poor in France did not like him being in Bastille and started a revolt that became French Revolution. He died in 1795.



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