William Morris

English textiles were never the same after William Morris tackled them. He was also a poet, novelist, translator, socialist,pre-Raphaellite artist. He lived 1834-1896. He helped create modern fantasy literature.

He was trained as an architect, especially in neo-Gothic style. He designed his own home. He went to Oxford and learned interior decorator.He designed not only textiles, but also furniture,wallpaper fabrics and designs, and stained glass windows.

He had translated into English the Icelandic Sagas.He wrote Well at World’s End. and other writings.

He created Society of Protection of Ancient Buildings. He was a Luddite, an anarchist. He created Kelmscott Press to publish his own writings.

He was friends with Walter Scott. A gardener, Medievalist. He was also friends with Charles Kingsley,George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle and Lord Tennyson.

He read Shakespeare plays,John Ruskin,John Keats,Thomas Malory, and Robert Browning.

He was a pacifist, a friend of Alfred Russel Wallace, and George Bernard Shaw.



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