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Martin Luther,protestor

He was born poor years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He was in his teens when Christopher Columbus landed in Caribbean. His father thought he was smart enough to better his life, going to a university.lHe started out in law school, but after a bad storm, he dedicated himself to God. He joined the strict Augustinian order of monks.

He worried much about his sins. A fellow monk accused him of making up sins, so he can go to confessions. Martin was a brilliant student. He studied hard for theology. He became a popular teacher of theology, mainly because he brought lofty perspectives down to Earth.

One time a young man commited suicide. The parents came to Martin Luther to preside over the funeral, though others refused to. He said how sad a person was to take his own life. That God will judge his whole life. All human beings are full of faults.

Johann Tetzel was a piece of work. He convinced the Pope to create indulgences (absolving of sins by money and a piece of paper). It was to finance a crusade the Pope was organizing.

Martin Luther did not like this. It was like paying your way to Heaven.

It was said that while Martin Luther was in outhouse, that he came upĀ  with his theology that was in conflict with the Pope. Only through faith in Jesus Christ can we go to Heaven. He wanted Bible written in common language, so everyone can read it. He thought everyone who read it would agree with him. He was wrong.

He hanged his 95 theses, that is statements on the church door on Halloween Day in 1519He was saying the Church must reform, hence historians called this age the Reformation Age. His movement was known as Protestant Movement, because he protested against the Church.

Martin Luther visited Rome once and was shocked how secular it was in the Vatican. He was more determined to change the Church.

The Holy Roman Emperor was related to Spanish King.Spain was enjoying the wealth from the New World.

Martin saw nothing holy in the crusades. War was for two reasons: To defend the nation or to acquire land for the nation.

Pope declared him as a heretic. Martin Luther declared the Pope as the Anti-Christ.Various German princes gave safety to Martin Luther.

John Calvin and Peter Zwingli also broke away from the Church. Martin declared them as heretics. They met in Switzerland and debated, all agreed to disagree.

They all ganged up on the Anabaptists.

Henry VIII defended the Church against Protestants, until his divorce.

Martin Luther, at first, cared about the Jews, and hoped they become his allies. But the Jews refused to side with Luther.So, he became increasingly anti-Semitic.

When peasants revolted against their masters, Luther, to their horror, took side with the masters. He abhorred chaos.

Martin Luther loved nature. He said the priests paid no more attention to Nature than a cow.




Babylon 360

Ancient Babylon had mathematics based on base60. Our mathematics is base10.

With base 60, we know how to divide a circle from 360 to 180 to 90 degrees.

Our calendar year has 12 months. Babylonians had 30 days for each month..Then, they add a month every 7 years. Their calendar is lunar based, ours is solar based.They had six days of work and seventh day rest. That was how the Jewish Sabbath came about.

There are 12 signs of zodiac, from the Babylonian astrology. They divided days into diurnals.They saw six planets.

There are 24 hours in a day,60 minutes in an hour,and 60 seconds in minute.12 inches in a foot,3 feet in a yard.The Babylonians had 12 major gods. The first demon was 9 headed Tiamat. We are influenced by Babylons’ base 60.