Roy Chapman Andrews, inspiration for Indiana Jones

Roy Chapman Andrews (1884-1960) was an American explorer, adventurer, naturalist, and paleontologist.

In high school, he taught himself taxidermy and was great marksman.He went to Beloit College, not far from his birthplace. His taxidermy helped pay for his tuition in Beloit.

He applied to American Museum of Natural History in NYC. Was turned down, but he wanted to be there so bad, he took a janitor’s job at the taxidermy dept. He collected specimens for the dept.

Roy Chapman Andrews earned his Master of Arts at Columbia University in Mammology.1909-10, he sailed for East Indies collecting snakes and lizards. He, also, observed the sea mammals.

1913- He went to the Artic to get Bowhead whale, but ending up filming seals instead.

He married Yvette Borup in 1914.

1916-17, he and his wife went under auspices of Asiatic Zoology Expedition for the museum in western and southern Yunnan Province of China.

In 1920, he went to Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. He was searching for fossils.

1922- he found a fossil of Baluchtherium, a huge hornless Rhinoceros west of Peking. He went on to look for origins of Man (convinced modern man came from Mongolia). He found no fossilized human bones, but found dinosaur bones and fossilized Protoceratop eggs ( later, they turn out to be Velociraptors. He discovered Pinacosaurus,  Sauromithoids, Oviraptors, Velociraptors, and Andrewsarchus( named after him).

He found fossilized mammals, but no humans. He was convinced, though, that man came from Mongolia.

He stayed in Mongolia from 1922-28.

Andrews made a final trip to Mongolia in 1930.He found Mastodon bones. That same year, he divorced his wife. They had two sons.

Back in 1908, he joined the Explorers’ Club and served as its president  in 1931-34.

In 1927, he was honorary Boy Scout.

In 1934, he became director of the American Museum. He retired in 1942 and lived rest of his life at Carmel by the Sea, California.

Some say he was the inspiration for Indiana Jones.Also, Col Percy Fawcett.


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