Wlliam Morris, Victorian Renaissance Man

William Morris(1834-1896) was an Englishman who was a textile designer, poet, fantasy novelist,translator, socialist, Pre-Raphaelite painter, architect. He started training as an architect. He helped established modern fantasy, which influenced Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Went to Oxford. He designed his own house, Red House.He learned to be interior decorator,fabrics,furniture, and stained glass windows. He created Kelmscott Manor from exiting old house.He translated Icelandic Sagas with his friend Erick Magnusson after a visit to Iceland.

He created Society of Protection of Ancient Buildings, because of his obsession with Medieval times. He was a non-violent Luddite, fighting against modern industrial age.

From Kelmscott Manor, he self-published using his own press Kelmscott Press. He read Charles Kingsley,George MacDonald,Walter Scott,Thomas Carlyle,Lord Tennyson, Shakespeare, John Ruskin, John Keats, Thomas Maloy, and Robert Browning.

He was a pacifist and  supporter of Alfred Russel Wallace, the naturalist.He became friends with George Bernard Shaw. Also, Peter Kroptkin and Frederick Engels.His designs on wallpaper became popular in Victorian England.


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