Babylon 360

Ancient Babylon had their mathematics on base 60. We use base 10.It was their base 60 that measured circle at 360 degrees. It measured the year at 12 months,360 days. The day was 24 hours, each hour had 60 minutes. Each minute had 60 seconds.

6 days of work in the week and seventh day was day of rest for ancient Babylonians. Every seventh year or so, the Babylonians would add a thirteenth month to keep the calendar aligned. The Jewish calendar is based on ancient Babylonian calendar.

12 signs of zodiac from Babylonian astrology. The calendar was moon based, ours is solar based. The half day was diurnal. The planets known were 6.

Then, there were 12 major gods for Babylonians. The ancient goddess was overcame by the 12 gods, and chief god, Marduk destroyed the goddess, Tiamat, who had been a 9 headed dragon.

Greek pie was measured as 3 in ancient Babylon. Which got their architecture a little off, but they used corrections by using measuring wheel and things like that. So, they had influence on our daily lives, but corrections had to be made.



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