Hello world!

“To bigotry no sanctions”, those are the words of George Washington to a Jewish group in Newport, R.I. It was in part of speech on beginning of the first American  synagogue, Touro Synagogue. He gave that in reassurance to the Jews and his fellow Mason, Moses Seixos, who was head of local Mason chapter and head of his Jewish community.

I thought this should be motto of US. It is ironic coming from a slave owner, but the ideal works. George Washington also wrote Catholics, Quakers, and Baptists that they are to be treated as equals in the new nation that recognize religious freedom.

A good example is that of Joseph Priestly, an English friend of Ben Franklin. This was after the Revolution and Ben Franklin visited him, because he was a noted scientist who discovered oxygen, among other things. He was also an Anglican priest who accepted Deist and Enlightenment ideals. He even went as far as declaring God was not a Trinity. Blasphemy! Ben Franklin left him with invite to come to US. He declined at the time. Then his church was burned down, his followers hunted and he was threatened to be burned at the stake. So, Joseph Priestly decided to take up Ben’s offer and come to America. He wrote Ben Franklin to let him know that he will come to NYC. By the time his ship came to harbor, hundreds of boats and ships greeted him.Church bells were ringing. He was greeted by the Founding Fathers.The mayor of NYC offered him a place to settle down. All this for a “blasphemer”. That was America at its best.


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